Lock Replacement and Repairs


When you buy a new property it's almost impossible to know who else may have keys to get it. Often the previous owner will have made copies for friends and relatives to gain access while they are away. So for your own peace of mind and security replacing the locks is the only way to ensure that you have all the keys to your home. With many modern locks it may just be a case of changing the lock cylinder or barrel. This is a cost effective solution that will give you control of your home security.

The locks on your doors and window are your first line of defence against unauthorised entry. Some burglars will even break into an alarmed property if the locks look like they can easily be forced. Like many things in life a small investment early on can pay for it's self many times over, especially if you are protecting the things that matter most.

The RBD Lock and Alarm service can ensure that the safety and security of your home is properly protected. For example the modern euro locks that are fitted as standard to most UK homes have an inherent weakness, they can literally snap if force is applied in the right way. Now as worrying as this may seem there is a simple solution. All you need to do is upgrade to a BS approved pattern lock. This will protect against this type of attack and also resist drilling. pick and bump attempts. The British Standard is the highest industry standard available at the current time. 

Many UK homes suffer from vulnerabilities that the home owner is unaware of. By taking advantage of a free home security survey you could find any weak point in you properties security. 

Should you be unfortunate and find yourself the victim of a burglary you will need to make sure that your home is secured and that your security is upgraded to cope with any future intrusion. Obviously it's better to take steps before a burglary can happen but in the real world it's a case of reacting to circumstances after the fact. You may require boarding up services, emergency lock replacement or even a new door or window frame. As part of RBD's property care and repair service these are all things that we can provide. 

Locks and Bolts 

There are a great many types of locks and bolts for both doors and windows. Choosing the right lock for the job is very important. To help you to do this we offer a free home security survey. To arrange for one of our engineers to visit you can call the dedicated lock and alarm phone number 0844 5953 464 of simply use the contact form on this website. Unlike some companies no salesman will call and you will not be pressured to buy anything. The survey is to identify any weaknesses in your home security and to offer effective, affordable solutions. We'll send you a quote and that is the end of that. 

Door and window security is the mainstay of your home security. Even with a burglar alarm it is your locks that will stand between a criminal and your property. There are many advantages to having a good alarm and even CCTV but without good locks you may as well just leave the front door open. If you would like some free advice on how to best secure your home and how to make it less attractive to potential burglars, please feel free to get in touch. All of our work is covered by the 12 month workmanship guarantee and a 12 month manufacturers warranty on any locks. 

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