Closed circuit TV is both an effective deterrent and evidence gathering medium for home security. With advances technology CCTV cameras and recorders have become more reliable and much smaller, also they are now far more affordable. RBD Lock & Alarm can offer domestic and commercial users professional standard equipment and install it for a very reasonable cost. This is because our costs are low and we pass on these saving to our customers. All of the CCTV equipment we offer is CE approved and meets all of the current requirements. 

The range of systems and flexibility is almost endless too. From a simple set and forget single camera to a full digital surveillance system, incorporating the latest P2P and video compression technologies.Complete digital CCTV systems are available from £250 and stand alone recording cameras from £75 fully installed. If you would like to book a free home security survey feel free to get in touch, either by phone or via this website. You will get exactly what we say, a free survey. No sales pitch, no pressure and no obligation. 

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Cameras available for exterior or interior use, low light, IR night vision,vandal-proof and daylight. Check the footage from your cameras from anywhere via your iphone, ipad, android or windows device in real time. Your new CCTV system can be tailored to your exact requirements or choose from one of RBD's standard systems.  

CCTV is just one line of defence against crime and works best when combined with other measures, such as door and window locks, gravel around your property, security lights and a burglar alarm. For general specifications and technical data simply select the CCTV Specification pdf file below.

CCTV Specification
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